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900 Camp St.
New Orleans, LA

Open Screen, New Orleans

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The next Open Screen:
Thursday, March 18. 7:00PM.
NOVAC - New Orleans Video Access Center
Address T.B.A.

Show up and share your shorts during NOVAC'S Third Thursday!

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Open Screen F.A.Qs

How does an Open Screen work?

Open Screens invite filmmakers of all kinds to screen and get feedback on their material. For our Open Screen, we ask that works are no longer than 10-minutes. Before each screening, the work's creator can address the audience with a short introduction. Audiences can then discuss the work after each screening. We encourage audiences and filmmakers to keep their discussion respectful.

Why the 10-minute limit?

We want every filmmaker to have a chance to screen work, and we try to keep the entire program under 120-minutes. Time permitting, we'll screen longer work but we can't guarantee individual screening slots over 10-minutes.

What format should videos be in?

Generally, videos are in Quicktime MP4 or H.264 formats. Many participants bring videos on thumb drives, and the work is played off an Apple computer and 1080p projector.

Are student films or works-in-progress welcome?

Finished films, works-in-progress, student films, home movies,.. All Cinema is welcome to the Open Screen!

Is Open Screen, New Orleans a regular thing?

Yes!! The Open Screen group has decided to hold monthly Open Screens. We'll be roving around to different venues. You can join the Open Screen mailing list or checkout our Facebook Group to receive announcements about future programs.

Questions / Suggestions?...

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Special thanks to the Old Firehouse, Mary Majak's, Court 13Press StreetHey! Cafe and Indywood for helping organize past Open Screens.