Cinema Reset @ 2015 New Orleans Film Festival

An old truck driving down country roads, a trip back a grandmother's homeland, a 16mm digital manipulation workshop. 


Oculus Rift

My Grandmother's Landscapes by Julian Yuri Rodriguez

Paisajes de mi Abuela (My Grandmother’s Landscapes) is a 3D film made for Oculus Rift that takes you to the landscapes of Rodriguez’s grandmother’s memories— the church where she was married, the street she grew up on, the beach she visited with her family as a child. The 360-degree video lets you explore each location as if you were there, transporting you to spaces embedded in the living memories of many Cubans in exile, and giving viewers from all backgrounds a chance to experience the power and possibility of immersive storytelling.

Audio / Video Installation

Music For Cars At Night On Country Roads by Jane Cassidy

Jane Cassidy’s work seeks to create a synchronization and harmony between light and sound. Driving at night outside of the city presents a very distinct atmosphere. The tempo of traffic passing by, the static of the night sky and the textures of the trees and landscape all provide an immersive environment. To amplify this Cassidy has created a saturating soundtrack, site specific to cars and night driving.

Music For Cars At Night On Country Roads is an immersive music and video installation where audiences are transported to those dark, southern country roads. As you sit inside the 1999 Toyota pickup truck, a 30 minute musical score plays through the stereo system while a synchronized video of driving on a dark Alabama road is projected onto the windshield of the truck.

Copy of Workshop - On Surgery_Still004 (1).jpg

Community Workshop

16mm Etching + Digital Manipulation Workshop by Russell Sheaffer + Aaron Michael Smith

As film and video become ever more polarized, this two-part workshop aims to encourage filmmakers to seek a workflow that combines film and video to create innovative, abstract works. This workshop will teach participants how to both make cameraless films by etching on unexposed film stock and how to manipulate those films digitally. Participants are welcome to attend one or both parts of the workshop.

Part one: By experimenting with different tools and approaches to etching, participants will learn how to make moving images and sound by etching into unexposed 16mm film. Part two: Using the images and sounds created during the first part of the workshop, participants will be able to experiment with the digital manipulation of handmade films. The workshops will be preceded by an excerpt of On Surgery, a film by Russell Sheaffer and Aaron Michael Smith