Cinema Reset 2014 @ The New Orleans Film Festival

Rorshach like moving images, direct animation workshops, and experimental films in a Microcinema. 


Audio / Video Installation

The Year We Make Contact by Blake Carrington
Recorded sounds - in this case, a therapy session between the artist and a psychoanalyst - are translated by a custom software system and used as raw material for drawing monochromatic visual forms. The results invoke our impulse for pattern recognition - Rorshack inkblot imagery, Virgin Mary water stains, poltergeists hidden within white noise.

Live Audio / Video Performance

A Weak Force That Binds by Blake Carrington
A live audiovisual performance using multiple custom software engines of the artist's design - shaped into a composistion that translated in a breath to spectral visual forms - an endless event horizon.

16mm Community Workshop // Sean Hanley of Mono No Aware

Direct Animation Workshop Learn to manipulate the surface of celluloid film using a variety of direct film-making techniques; painting, stratching, collage, and masking in order to create a unique and hand-made experimental film on 16mm. Cyanotype Photogram Workshop Learn to use this 19th-century photographic process in combination with 16mm film to create abstract moving images without a camera! Cyanotype photogramming describes the process of placing objects directly onto the surface of film coated with light-sensative solution and exposing it to the sun.


Experimental Films

  • Acetate Diary by Russell Sheaffer
  • Dusty Stacks of Mom by Jodie Mack
  • Karpotrotter by Matjaz Ivanisin
  • Masculinity / Femininity by Russell Sheaffer
  • Workshop Film Screenings
  • Shorts
    • Avoiding the Obvious by Max Bernstein
    • The Voice Thief by Adan Jodorowsky
    • The Coral Reef are Dreaming Again by Lucas Leyva
    • Escape from Planet Tarr by Luigi Campi