Cinema Reset 2013 @ The New Orleans Film Festival

experimental short films, video installations, interactive storytelling, and gorilla filmmaking


Micro Cinema

Hasta Nunca by Mark Street
MMXIII by Ian Clark
Your Day is My Night by Lynne Sachs
Borscht Shorts

  • Places Where We Lived by Bernardo Britto
  • #PostModem by Jillian Mayer & Lucas Leyva
  • C#CKFIGHT by Julian Yuri Rodriguez
  • Pineal Warriors by Otto Von Schirach, Egon Von Schirach
  • Si Nos Digan by Celia Rowlson-Hall

Video Art


503 01 by Alex Braidwood & Meredith Lynn Morrison
Animation Hotline by Dustin Grella
For Her Own Good by Lynne Sachs
HERMENEUTICS by Alexi Dmitriev
Nile Perch by Josh Gibson
What I Saw in the Theater on the Street by Mark Street

Interactive Storytelling Panel

Land of Opportunity

This panel explored the burgeoning field of open-source interactive documentary, using the local LandofOpportunity project as a case study. The panel highlighted ways in which interactive documentary breaks boundaries and goes beyond the screen to engage audiences in new and provocative way. The discussion was led by Luisa Dantas, producer/director of LandofOpportunity, the interactive video platform featuring multimedia narratives about urban America through the lens of post-Katrina New Orleans.


Gorilla Filmmaking Workshop

Outside Image Project is a collaboration between Brooklyn media artists Mark Street and Lynne Sachs and members of the New Orleans media arts community. With a desire to move out of the movie theatre and into the arena of public art, we will all work together to shoot, edit and screen a finely observed urban vignette as part of Cinema Reset. Using a funky, low-fi aesthetic and a performative reclamation of public space, this collaborative project will consider the fine line between private expression and public consumption as well as the role of art in contemporary quotidian life. What happens when moving images crop up unexpectedly outside of traditional venues and are projected on the street? Films will be screened on the exterior wall of the Prytania Theater.