Friday Oct 14 - Sunday Oct 16   |  1 - 10pm

Ace Hotel : 600 Carondelet St. NOLA 


Land's End

by Anndunham and Chris Givens

Selection is navigation. In the dream-lodge of Land's End, the scene is a shared room, a psychophysical catalogue of digital material that guests control by rigged variation.

An installation where the tv or computer screen is the room and controllers change the aesthetic resonance of ordinary objects rather than changing singular channels.

Mixing the experience of watching a movie, surfing the internet and slipping between dream-states, users augment the environment by clicks and hovers through a cache of exponentially varied arrangements of narrative and mood. Interactive autonomy is split between two palm-sized devices (mouses) which exert control to overlapping projections of aesthetic and cinematic sound - superimposing the web-based onto the physical, familiarizing the arcane and the torrentially visual within domesticity : the studio apartment as imagined by future primitive ancients simulating our world today (for educational purposes).

Land's End is a design practice in the art of interior feng shui for millennials, marrying the natural wild with the digital, a click-to-choose-your-own-pseudo-story game and atmospheric sampler.

About the Artist:

AD + CG are two multimedia artists that have been collaborating on film, video and web-based art transcontinentally. Ann Dunham, an exiled american living in Berlin and Chris Givens, a decade long Nola resident, first met at 918 St. Mary Street in New Orleans four years ago and have since shared a creative correspondence on ideas and work, pursuing separately and together projects in the cinema, theater, gallery and experimental spaces.