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In Memoriam : Trevor Alan Taylor

Trevor's passion for boundary-pushing cinema was inspiring. We remember fondly that first spark of his vision for an experimental media program back in 2011. Trevor imagined a New Orleans Film Festival that stood out to showcase genre-defying media works, virtual reality, experimental film, and media art installation. Cinema Reset was formed in 2012 as a result, and Trevor's ideas served as the foundation for this program, alongside Blake Bertuccelli and the New Orleans Film Society.

Trevor was constantly attached to a camera, always taking photographs and videos wherever he went. He captured beauty in mundane places and overlooked subjects, had an eye for documenting nature and people, and a giddy love for fog machines. Trevor was, however, hesitant to display his work publicly. In honor of one of our original founders, we have come together to share this collection of Trevor’s beautiful photographs and videos, compiled with care by his friends.

** Projection mapped by Rachel Lin Weaver

About the Artist:

Trevor Alan Taylor (1982 - 2016) grew up in Decatur, Illinois, and was a friend to many people in the Midwest, New Orleans, and beyond. He was also a long time volunteer of the Sundance Film Festival, working as a docent at the new media New Frontier exhibition. This is where he met both current directors of Cinema Reset, Lindsey Phillips and Rachel Lin Weaver.