Burning Bungalows

APRIL 22, 7PM - Zeitgeist - $8, suggested

Experimental film & animation on the road from Los Angeles

'Burning Bungalows' brings new and unseen experimental film from Los Angeles on the road this coming April.  With a handmade mix of animation and live action on video, super 8, 16mm and 35mm slides we're covering all the bases for an eclectic hour and 20 minutes.  The films tend toward an ethereal conjuring of spirits with a dystopian punk attitude.

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Cosmo Segurson
Vulgarians 1, 2, 3
16mm, 2012-2014, 7min
This science fiction project focuses on communication, perspective, and the future of mass media and advertising.  On a fractured Earth in the near future, our social etiquette will adapt to primitive ways of representation: masks and tin cans replacing social media, technology, and cell phones.

Cat In the Lighthouse (working title)
hand processed 16mm, 2014, 5min
Combining miniatures, stop motion animation, puppetry, and the filmmaker's pet cat "Boo", this short fable explores the wordless bond between a lonely fisherman and the cat that saves his life. Accompanied by a live soundtrack.

Alee Peoples
Waxing and Milking
super 8, 2014, 9min 30sec
A companion piece to Boys of Summer, 2009, Waxing and Milking mimics music video tropes and equates Los Angeles' favorite food snack, the taco, to a lady's special parts.

Them Oracles
16mm, 2012, 7min 30sec
Them Oracles is a skeptic investigation of what an oracle can be and what it would sound like.  Human desire and blind faith allow, and maybe even will these mystic soothsayers to exist.

Abby Banks
Remake of Skate Witches (Danny Plotnick,1986)(working title)
video, 2014, approximately 5min
Abby makes her own version of Skate Witches, inspired by Danny Plotnick's super 8 films, while re-learning to skate herself. 

Tour Slide Show
35mm slides, 2014, approximately 12 min
A 35mm slide presentation of Bank's photos taken along various music tours across the country.  Tour vans, porches, weird Americana from the Midwest and the like are accompanied by narration and a cassette montage.  

Kelly Sears
He Hates To Be Second
video, 2008, 3min
An erasure poem constructed out of discarded magazines, excess bravado and Cold War aggression.

Nancy Jean Tucker
video, 2014, 8min

John Cannizzaro
The Temptation of St.Anthony
super 8 to video, 2012, 3min
A sequence from a work-in-progress on the life of the great desert Hermit-Saint.  Retiring to the desert to pray, Anthony is besieged by devils, temptations, and visions culminating in a blasphemous crucifixion that mocks his piety.  Shot in one continuous take, a living tableau depicting a tortured mind.

Lisa Marr
super 8 to video, 2010, 3min
DW Griffith battles it out with Moutain Dew at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.