Cinema Reset is the experimental / new media partner of the New Orleans Film Festival. Since 2012, Cinema Reset has worked to bring exciting media works to New Orleans, facilitate community workshops, and champion regional creative voices on the front lines of emerging storytelling forms.

Cinema Reset began in 2012 with a six-month exhibition of Experimental Film and New Media at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans. The 2012 exhibition included a wide assortment of screenings, workshops, and special events. We turned a block of street into a Hollywood/apocalyptic scene of detritus and decay, we hosted student workshops with iconoclast Philippine filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik, held screenings of work by Experimental Cinema pioneer Jonas Mekas, and created a special online gallery that  streamed hundreds of Experimental Cinema and New Media works to audiences around the world.

After the 2012 exhibition, Cinema Reset continued various screening events in New Orleans through a partnership with Press Street, a 501c3 New Orleans literary and visual arts collective. At Press Street's Antenna Gallery, Cinema Reset's Blake Bertuccelli presented the program Films About Workers–a labor day screening series that premiered work from, among others, the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Laboratory and the New York Time's Opinion Section. Other notable Press Street screenings included Video Rover: Season 5  by NurtureArt curator Rachel Steinberg, and a screening and discussion with the highly decorated French filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Periot.

For the 2013 New Orleans Film Festival, Cinema Reset continued to expand its content offerings with a new exhibition of short work at the Contemporary Arts Center, a new MicroCinema theater for feature length work,  and various workshops, panels and cinema events around the New Orleans area. In 2013, Cinema Reset also debuted the Open Screen, New Orleans–a regular program that invites local filmmakers to share all kinds of video work.

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–Lindsey, Blake, Trevor & all the folks that help run Cinema Reset


Lindsey Phillips 

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Lindsey is a documentary filmmaker and editor based in New Orleans, LA. Recent works include The Exceptionally Extraordinary Emporium, Welcome to the Music Box : a Roving Village Orchestra, and short films for The New Yorker and Time Magazine. She directs, coordinates and programs for Cinema Reset. 


Blake Bertuccelli

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Blake Bertuccelli started the Open Screen, New Orleans and hosts various other screenings and special events for Cinema Reset.